Nature or Machine? Dodge Pickup Truck vs Huge Tree

Let me ask you a question! Which is more powerful? The nature or the human mind? Think about it!

In today's video, we're checking out a force of nature against something made by human mind. It's a huge tree against a pickup truck! When it comes to cutting down the trees, it's not a big deal. All you need a strong chainsaw and a bit of force. But, we can't say the same about removing the three stump as a whole. It's a whole other story. The force of nature filmed in the video is not even a stump, it's the entire tree and trees can be really stubborn! The large and complex roots that cuddle the soil make removing the tree an extremely challenging job. Is a Dodge pickup truck powerful enough to extirpate a rooted tree? The video got the answer. If you really want to see how powerful a Dodge can be then don't waste even a microsecond, click on the play button and check out today's video till the end.

This video is gonna make your day!