Brilliant Mechanism Brings Limbing a New Level!

Sure, we say technology has mechanized our relations with others. It made our emotions duller. Problems eventually derived from the misuse of technology brought the life on our precious planet to a very pathetic level.

Natural sources are declined; hazardous gases are released into the atmosphere in extreme amounts, animal diversity and vegetation are destroyed. Weapons designed and produced using technology gave birth to mass killings of billions. So many other things we can say about the malignancy of the technology. On the other hand, our civilization, the rise of human kind on the planet Earth depends also on the technology. The objects, the machines, the mechanisms, even the chair you're sitting on, we use today are all the products of technology, and without them we can't imagine a "comfortable" life. In today's video, we're checking out something developed with technology. We presume that you're all know about the limbing, the process that includes removing of branches from a still standing or fallen tree. In local societies, limbing is performed by some skillful guys who use nothing but a piece of rope and a machete, but the newly developed mechanism you're going to see in today's video brings a new level to limbing. Named after one of the fastest monkeys, Advaligno Patas offers revolutionary standards to limbing. It presents a special system for the mechanical limbing of live trees to get high-grade wood.

Watching the video, which is a really short but cool one, you can see how this limbing mechanism works. Check it out and enjoy!