LPE LEGO V8 Pneumatic Engine Runs and Sounds Like a Little Monster

Engines are usually made with steel parts or various metals. We're used to see all-steel engines.

They're great, they're strong, they're durable, but have you ever seen an engine made out of plastic? We bet you have not! Not yet, let's say! Watching today's interestingly cool video, you're going to see a plastic engine that actually works! We hear you asking how it's possible! Well, it's possible and it's incredible. This is a LPE, LEGO Pneumatic Engine made using hundreds of big and small LEGO parts and of course, imagination. That's an alternative and quite brilliant way to play with LEGO. It not only looks fantastic, but also sounds eargasmic. The sound comes to our ears as cool as our favorite songs. Wish we could see how it's made, but it's still good to see in action. It has the best sound one can ever hear from a LPE!

Check out this short but definitely worthwhile video to see how this LEGO Pneumatic engine runs like a little monster and leave your commend down below!