1961 Stihl 10hp Type 135 Diesel Engine Proves Why Old Engines Are Gold

Founded by Andreas Stihl of Switzerland in 1926, Stihl is a deep-rooted company with a global presence specialized in the production of chainsaws, gardening machines and highly powerful engines.

In today's eargasmic video, we're checking out a badass engine manufactured by this world-famous company under license in Japan. This is a 2-cycle single-cylinder diesel engine that was used in two different Japanese tractors: Iseki and Kubota. Built in 1961, this Stihl Type 135 Diesel engine is able to produce 10hp, 2000rpm 496cc. The engine is partly covered with a layer of rust and oil, but it still looks great. It runs super effectively with its every single part. As most of you will agree, there's no other like old engines. They're as powerful as the new ones, sometimes even better. If you're fond of old engines and would like to hear a sweetly satisfying sound then you must see this cool video.

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