Pulling Out a Stubborn Fence Post Easily and Quickly

We guess you call imagine how hard and challenging it can be to pull out a annoying fence post that is buried deep into the soil a long time ago.

It can cost you maybe hours of struggling and there'a also a possibility for this struggle to be in vain. Think about it ! How frustrating it would be ! If you got the right technique and you know how to use it then it becomes nothing but piece of cake. In today's video, we're checking out a man who got this right technique. He uses a tire rim, tow rope and a truck to pull out a stubborn 4X4 fence post. It would be exhausting to try to pull it out by digging or pulling with bare hands. We're not so sure about if this technique works for fence posts stabilized with cement. Pulling the fence back and forward would still work for such a case, but with cement… You have to the different things.

Check out the video to see how this smart guy pulls out a big fence pot just in seconds and let us know what you think about it !