Built to Last: 1923 Lawn Mower Still Works Like a Boss

Are you afflicted with the poor quality of today's products? Both in the domestic and international market you can see that the products of almost all kind are generally made in China or other low income countries, where labor force is unfortunately cheap and most of the population lives in $2 to $10 per day.

This reduces the quality and durability of products that we have to buy for our various and endless needs. We buy something, but we use it only for a short period of time as it usually break down or stop working properly. In the past, however, things were different. Products were producing by hand and they were used to last longer. Think about the goods in your grandparent's house. They look more and more quality than today's fabricated products. In the video we present you today, you're going to see old but gold lawn mower made in 1923, almost a hundred years ago. This old boy still works like a beast! That's a great condition for such an old machine. Things were built to last in the past!

Check out the video to see how this 1923 lawn mower runs like a boss and leave your comment below!