This is How It's Done: Brilliant Guys Pull Huge Vehicle Out of Ice-Cold Water in Less Than 10 Minutes

Russia, the land of reds! What do you think about this deep-rooted country? What we know about Russians?

Most of the things we know about Russia may be sciolistic. What we know for sure, however, is that nothing in this big very big country of insanely brilliant people functions in the way we're used to see. We bet you all know the jokes starting with In Mother Russia! The video we proudly present you to have some fun today demonstrates us a real incident caught on camera in the city of Vladivoslok, located around the Golden Horn Bay. Watching today's video, you're going to see an unfortunate vehicle that fell into the freezing water through a crack on the frozen surface of the lake. Luckily, however, some skillful guys appear and pull the huge vehicle out of the water in les then ten minutes. Result? A disaster is avoided.

Check out the video to see how they save a kinda new vehicle from going thoroughly into ice-cold water and pay your respect to them!