One Tractor to Rule Them All: Cool Tractor Gets Five Huge Boats on Land

Thailand is country divinely gifted with fabulous natural beauties. The world's most fascinating natural wonders and historical riches are in Thailand and that's why Thailand, the land of smiles, is the choice of millions of foreign guests.

One of the most visited cities of this idyllic country is Pattaya. This vibrant coastal city has a heaven-like beach and it attracts thousands of tourists, cruise lines, sightseeing tours and private boats to itself. In today's video which is filmed in somewhere in Pattaya, we're checking out interesting method of getting boats on land. We hear you asking about this "interesting method"! Well, it's actually quite simple. There's just one badass tractor that does the entire job and that's all. One single tractor, not a new or high-quality one, gets five different boats on land like a real boss. It's a pleasure to see this tractor and its skillful driver doing such a hard task. Thumbs up for them!

Watch the video till the end to see this beast-like tractor and don't forget to leave your comment!