The Dumbest Thing on the Net: Four-Door Car with Ridiculously Big Tires

The life is created on the idea of "purpose". Everything on the Earth, in the universe, has a purpose and functions in accordance to this purpose.

Today's video, however, makes us believe the opposite. Some "things" may not have a certain purpose even if they take so many time, hardwork and money. After searching for so many years, we have finally found the most ridiculous and purposeless thing on the net and in today's video, you're going to see it with your own eyes. This is an odd car with oddly high tires. One must jump almost 2 meters to get in this needless car. It's complete waste of time, waste of effort, waste of money. Waste of everything! But, the saddest part is not what is spent for this weird machine. It is that its owner is proud of it!

Check out the video with attention to see how happily proud he is and be ready to see the visual appearance of the word "pointless"!