Chinook Heavy-Lift Helicopter Pilots Rescue Seven People From Dying on the Summit of Mount Hood

It's been a long time since the last time we shared a rescue video, isn't it? Here's a new one for you all to watch and enjoy! First, however, let us ask you a question!

Do you know something about "Mount Hood"? The Mount Hood is a composite volcano located in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of the northern Oregon. Crowned by 11 glaciers, this potentially active volcano is the second most visited mountain in the world. It offers visitors diverse terrain for skiing and snowboarding activities and lets them spend an unforgettable time. Mount Hood is good for many kinds of extreme sports, including ice and mountain climbing, but it also poses a great risk for adventurers and sportsmen. Each year, thousands of people attempt to climb Mount Hood and unfortunately some of these attempts end up in a complete failure, sometimes even death. In today's video, we're checking out a rescue process happened on the summit of Mount Hood. Watch the video till the end to see how Chinook, a twin-engined Boeing heavy-lift helicopter, pilots position the back of the helicopter, saving seven people from dying.

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