The World's Worst Speed Bump is a True Suspension Destroyer

You may come across with speed bumps in the streets of almost every city. Speed bumps, or sometimes called speed breakers, are a type of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection and designed to reduce the speed of motor vehicles to provide a safe traffic conditions.

The use of vertical deflection devices is widespread all around the world and it offers an effective way to provide a safe transportation. In today's video, however, we're checking out the world's worst speed bump that is designed so stupidly that it impedes the flow of traffic. If the purpose of speed bumps is to lower the speed of vehicles, this speed bumps is completely functional as it reduces the speed of the cars drastically, but it looks like a suspension destroyer rather than a useful traffic device. It's hard to understand how and why it's put there.

Check out the video to see this confusingly weird speed bump and leave your comment below!