Dedicated Halo Fan Builds an Insanely Realistic Recreation of the Warthog

Barcroft Cars, a popular YouTube channel with more than two hundred thousand subscribers from all around the world, offers us an enjoyable mix of everything varying from the favorite to the weirdest vehicles.

This cool channel has an interesting series called "Ridiculous Rides", in which we're checking out uncommon people and their worth-to-hear stories. What we're going to see in today's video, which is an episode of Ridiculous Rides, is an insanely devoted Halo fan. So many people may claim that they are one of the biggest Halo fans, but how many of them are dedicated enough to build a real life Warthog on their own to prove their admiration. Let us answer this question: only one of them! Bryant Havercamp spent five and a half years to build the impressive machine you're going to see in today's video. He says
that he has been a great fan of Halo ever since the original was released in 2001. So he wanted to this car to be as close to the original one as possible. He built this astonishingly detailed replica using nothing but a3D printer and the frame taken from a 1984 Chevy K10. Hours of welding, grinding, shaping, polishing and many other complex processes brought about a completely street-legal recreation that will leave you speechless.

Watch the video to hear the story of this dedicated fan and maybe you can find some inspiration!