Dutiful Child: Parents' Hearth-Warming Reaction to Son Restoring The Family's 45 Year Old Ford XA Superbird

For some, a car means much more than being just a vehicle that takes you from point A to point B. Sometimes, cars become a part of families and find themselves a deep rooted place in the memories of the family members.

There's nothing more heart breaking than witnessing a car that has been a part of the family being wasted away over the years, but the dutiful child you're going to see in today's heartwarming video didn't let this happened to his family. This video, which is interesting enough to get more than three million YouTube views, tells us the inspiring story of Tommy who decided to restore his beloved parents' 1973 Ford XA Superbird that was damaged heavily after his father crashed it into a ditch. The car left unused for more than 20 years. The restoration process began in 2013 and the car was sent from one repairshop to another to make it look as good as it was in the first day.

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