Revenge is Sweet: This is What you Get When you Park in Unauthorized Spaces!

If you're in a crowded city with tens of millions of people living in it then finding a proper parking spot can be a real trouble for you, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can park your vehicle wherever you find.

Some spaces look proper and safe to park your precious vehicle that you dote upon, but owners of these spaces may think the opposite just like the ones do in today's video. In this video, which is interesting and kinds amusing enough to hit almost ten million views on YouTube, we're checking out what happens when some stubborn guys park in an unauthorized space. The owners are very proactive in letting people know not to park in unauthorized spaces. Apart from the warning signs, the staff member on duty used intercom speakers to alert drivers, but some people just don't care.

Watch the video to see what happens to these stubborn drivers and let us know whether you find such an attitude right and worthy!