Former Mustang Repair Show Owner Jeff Roland Has a Jaw-Dropping Collection

Do you follow "Hagerty" on YouTube? It's a YouTube channel with more than five hundred subscribers and a definitive source for all things classic, including spectacular classic cars and their lucky owners.

Today, we share a video from this pretty popular channel and sincerely hope you'll like it. This video is the 40th episode of Barn Find Hunter, a wonderful YouTube series, in which a cool guy travel all across the country and shows us the best barn finds. On this episode of Barn Find Hunter, he hits the road to Midland, Texas and meets Jeff Roland. Until several years ago, Jeff Roland was operating a Mustang restoration and repair shop. He is now willing to sell his 100+ cars on his lot. Mustangs, as expected, predominates his collection, but there are also Fords, Chevys and GMC trucks you can take a look at.

Watch the video to enjoy the enviable collection of Jeff Roland and let us know what you think about