Creativity is the Matter: Futuristic Concept Vehicle Will Revolutionize the Public Transportation System

Creativity-a precious gift from the Creator and a crucial skill for success- is and has always been the key for the development of humankind. The greatest inventions that changed the world and revolutionized the history are the products of creativity.

In today's video, we're checking out a futuristic concept vehicle that will make you feel like you're living in another dimension. If you're a sci-fi lover then you probably will find some resemblance with movies like Star-Trek or Star Wars, but rather then flying over a galaxy, this brilliant vehicle will revolutionize the entire public transportation system and eradicate the traffic-related stress that crack out nerves every day. This futuristic transportation concept is designed by Russian inventor Dahir Semonov for an entirely new and unique urban life experience. The working principle of this crazy concept includes telescopic that will rise above congested traffic and move around easily using monorails placed in median strips. Two gyroscopes in each pod will be responsible for stabilizing and balancing the structure. This concept will also be ideal for emergency vehicles including ambulances and fire trucks. The brilliant mind behind this futuristic concept vehicle Dahir Semonov states that the company is ready to construct a prototype model and is waiting for international inventors to bring this useful concept into reality. In today's video, the way this concept vehicle works is clearly demonstrated.

Check it out and let us know what you think about it!