Amphibious Vehicle, Combination of Tractor and Houseboat, Launches Like a Pro

Wanna hear an interesting story? If you're saying "Yes!" to this question, then check this out. In the summer of 2016, Theon Parseghian, cool owner of the THEONOMICS company specialized in auto salvage a custom metal fabrication, used a derelict 1967 32ft houseboat and a crop-sprayer tractor to build a unique and completely functional vehicle that can operate both on land and water.

Parseghian, who is generous enough to spent more than $10,000 to bring his brilliant project into reality, originally engineered this vehicle because he thought it would be cool to do so. The vehicle is so spectacular that 500 people showed up to witness its launch at an event held in Aurora, New York. As reported, the vehicle's top speed on the road rarely goes above 20mph with a horsepower of 210 due to old condition of the tractor, and on the water, it can achieve around five to eight miles per hour.

Watch the video to see how cool this amphibious vehicle is and enjoy!