Magical Concrete Sucks Up Hundred of Gallons of Water in Less Than a Minute

First of all, let us give you notice that what you're going to see in today's video is definitely not an illusion, but the reality itself!

Dating back to at least 6500 BC in Mesopotamia, concrete is one of the most commonly used building material composed of broken stone, sand, cement and water homogenously mixed in different proportions. This stone-like material can be found in almost every building of modern times. The video we offer you to check out today demonstrate us the Topmix Permeable concrete that will blow your mind and drop your jaw for sure! When water hits the surface of Topmix Permeable concrete, aka magic concrete, it doesn't flow in all directions, instead it vanishes almost instantly. Unlike traditional concrete, this new type of concrete can absorb hundreds of gallons of water in less than a minute.

Check out the video to see how this thirsty concrete sucks up water and let us know what you think in the comments!