Hauk 45: Kenny Hauk's Wild West Inspired Jeep Project That Will Blow Your Mind

Here we present you an extra extremely enjoyable video to check out! This video, shared by a cool YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, shows us a unique vehicle whose every single detail is beautiful enough to make you say "Wow!".

What you're going to see in this video is one of the most jaw-dropping and creative jeeps ever built on the planet. Designed and manufactured by Hauk Design, an accomplished company founded by talented Kenny Hauk, this iconic jeep is inspired by the Wild West. "This 1948 Willys Pickup was built as a tribute to the Old West and the iconic guns from that era. The truck cab features an eight-inch stretch, with a three-inch chop. The engine bay has also been stretched eleven inches to allow room for the twelve valve Cummins power plant" says Kenny about his excellent project and he adds that the project is came about and finished in just six weeks. The tires, dashboard, door handles, paintjob, shift gear are all works of art.

Check out the video to see how beautifully this special jeep is done and enjoy!