Luxury That Comes With Reputation: Will Smith's Mind-Blowingly Luxurious Motor Home

As a talented, Golden Globe and Academy-nominated American actor, Will Smith have so far played great thus unforgettable roles in various blockbuster movies including Men in Black, I am Legend, Pursuit of Happiness and Ali.

This gifted man is also listed in Fortune Magazine's "Richest 40" list of the forthy wealthiest Americans. Such a worldwide reputation brings wealth and luxury, for sure! Here in the video we now present you below, you're going to see the mind-blowingly luxurious motor home that belongs to Will Smith! This extremely comfortable and apparently one-of- a-kind, two- story trailer is nicknamed as "The Heat". The 1,200 square foot motor home drives on 22 wheels, features the highest quality equipments and materials, designed with $30,000 worth of leather and $125,000 worth of advanced technology. I hear you asking "What is the cost for entire trailer?" $2,5 million is the answer for this question! In the video below you can see the interior in all detail!

Check it out and leave yourself to the elegant luxury of this miraculous piece of machinery!