A Life-Sized Teardrop Caravan Built with 215, 158 Individual LEGO Bricks-You Gotta Be Kidding!!!

In this website, we're used to see caravans in different sizes, models and materials, but we're definitely not used to see caravans made up of LEGO bricks. In this super enjoyable video below, a fully-functional and sophisticatedly detailed life-sized caravan is displayed. The thing that makes this caravan special and worth to be approved by the Guinness World Records is that it is built entirely from Lego bricks.

I would actually say "You must be out of your mind!", but this is something unbelievably cool! After 12 weeks of construction, more than 1,000 man hours, 215,158 individual LEGO bricks and a great effort which is of course priceless, the largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks became ready to be displayed. Built being based on a real tear-drop caravan, it is measured 2.2m tall by 3.6m long and equipped with mind-blowingly detailed LEGO objects including bed, electric lights, culinary utensils and even a chess set.

Scroll down, check out the video below, see how amazing this caravan is and enjoy!