A Heartwarming Story: Ara Gureghian and His Dog Spirit on an Epic Motorcycle Journey All Over America

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself" said Josh Billings. What an accurate quote it is! As you will agree, lots of people enjoy riding motorcycles and lots of people love dogs and their warm fellowship.

So, it is quite natural that there are people who love both and want to live their lives with them just like a 67-year- old trained chef you're going to see in the video below. Ara Gureghian embarked on his journey with his dog Spirit after her beloved mother and only son passed away from liver cancer after two years of battling. Gureghian and Spirit have travelled all across the America on his motorcycle and sidecar, dealing with heavy storms, snow and many other harsh conditions. As he said, Spirit was only a day away from euthanasia when he adopted him from a shelter.

Check out the video below and see their heart-warming story!