William Liddiard's Omnidirectional Wheels to Make Your Car Drive Sideways

If you have you own vehicle and are living in a crowded city then being aware of parallel parking, which is technique of parking a vehicle parallel to the road, is a must.

Actually, it "was" a must before the introduction of a super innovative concept that made Canadian commercial driver William Liddiard after spending $60,000 and eight years of hard work. What we call a "concept" is actually an omnidirectional wheel design that enables a vehicle to move in any direction. The proof for this ultra-creative design is the video presented below. In this video, an automobile with omnidirectional wheels on looks as if it grinding back, forth and side on an ice rink. The brilliant wheel design sports two small rubber tires mounted on roller-equipment rims that are able to rotate the wheels horizontally with an ease. The estimated price, $1,500 per wheel, is relatively lower than the similar applications. Reportedly, Liddiard aims to trade this concept with accomplished automaker and he will continue to develop it to the perfection.

Check out the video...