Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo SUPER LUXURY YACTH "Silver Arrow of the Seas"

The very first luxury motor yacht, Arrow460-Granturismo, designed and produced by Mercedes-Benz Style has hit the waters of French Riviera.

This 706 kW (960hp) super luxury motor yacht measuring up at 14 meters is nicknamed as "Silver Arrow of the Seas" and perfectly conceptualized to combine unique performance of the Mercedes-Benz sports car with ultimate innovations, marine mobility and sensual aesthetic perfection. Silver Arrow of the Seas has classic automobile proportions and can accommodate up to ten persons thanks to its crossover design that offers a specific variability. Equipped with retractable large side windows, windscreen, interior lining of the highest quality, Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky Control technology, exclusive furnishings, luxurious bathroom unit, arched roofline, dressing room, extendable tables, beds, wine-cellar, ice making machine, air-conditioning and high-quality stereo, the Arrow460-Grabturismo is also designed to combine luxury, avant-garde style and comfortable elegance to maximize the pleasure on the water.

The Arrow460-Garnturismo is powered by two Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel engines, offering 706kW in total with a top speed of 74km/h-46mph and fuel capacity of 1,200 liters. This elegantly-designed and luxuriously-manufactured motor yacht has an estimated price of $1,7 million.