Hoverboard Cart - Hoverboard with Sitting Attachment

Hoverseat, also known as Hoverboard Cart, is a patent pending innovative invention designed to maximize the pleasure time you spend on silky beaches under the bright luscious lights of the sun.

The Hoverboard Cart is designed by the world's best producers of inflatable boats, BoatsToGo, a retailer company which is clever enough to advertise its products with the help of hot bikini girls. This new invention is making an ordinary Hoverboard safer and much more enjoyable than ever. Turning a standard Hoverboard into a brilliant hands-free cool little electric vehicle creates a new way of transportation that anyone can drive easily. The Hoverboard Cart is a portable aluminum frame offering a versatile and practical use. Even a simple beach chair or a box can be attached to this unique vehicle to provide a comfortable driving pleasure. The Hoverboard Cart can be also driven using only your feet. It drives on beach, grass, gravel and packed sand.

This smart vehicle looking amazingly enjoyable is now available for sale and goes for only $69. Check the video ...