2000 HP Ford Mustang With A Dragster Engine

During the six month this guy spent to construct 2000 hp burnout Mustang with its own specialities and equipment. We have a look around, building process in details, in ending this car gonna be run with great performance.

Being knowing as a Ford Mustang this is a classic American muscle car with powerful performance, generally high speed value. Its keeping also sports car specialities and design. This car featured a sleek and sporty design, with a long hood and a short deck. Same motor in this vehicle was used in Australia to do burnouts as the motor that was in there. This type of car is characterized by its timeless design. The galloping horse emblem, known as the Mustang logo catching our attention. The exterior has elegant and sporty at the same time sleek black coloring.

Huge powerful motor sound, strong burnouts, great performance, ride and drive, check out in motion all of them we can be face to face in this video. If you are fond of classic sports car you may take a lot of joyful moments. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends!