Havoc: Rob Zahabi's 1970 Challenger with 2,500 hp Engine

Success is an addiction. The more you achieve, the more you want to achieve. The further you go, the further you want to go.

This was the exact case for Rob Zahabi by Rides by Kam, a complete one stop custom car building and accessory shop that serves the enthusiasts for more than 23 years by building their dream cars from start to finish. Making quite a name for himself by hi mind-blowing builds Kamaro and Kam Nova, Rob Zahabi wanted to take a step further and bring something totally groundbreaking to the industry. This is how Havoc was born. As many of you know already too well, Dodge Challenger is a legendary muscle car introduced back in 1964. The first-generation Challengers were running on 7.0-liter Chrysler Hemi engine making up to 425 hp. The Challenger that Rob Zahabi created is more than five times more powerful than the first Challengers. The Havoc by Rob Zahabi makes 2,500 horsepower. Yes, you read it correctly! The extremely powerful engine is not the only thing the Havoc has. It also makes a strong impression with its interior design!

Check out the video till the very last second to enjoy the Havoc with every single detail it has!