1974 Plymouth Cuda Runs On 408 Stroker 360 Engine That Hit 596Hp at the Crank!

If you're a dedicated lover of automobiles then you never get sick of dealing with cars and we never get sick of presenting them to you on this amazing website.

Today's video that you'll watch with a pure pleasure, shows us a badass machine: a 1974 Plymouth Cuda. This is one interesting Cuda, but it's not all about it! There's more! Painted in a vivid green, this '74 Plymouth Cuda mot only looks like a beast, but also sounds like it's gonna cut off your head at one swoop. It runs on a 408 stroker 360 engine. Reportedly, the engine was put on the dyno a few years ago and hit 596HP at the crank. Can you imagine
how powerful it is? Watching the video, you can not only see, but also feel how smoothly drives this '74 Plymouth Cuda and we guarantee that you won't regret it.

Check out the video till the last second; enjoy the gorgeous beauty of this exquisite machine, let us know what you think about it and finally share the video to make your friends enjoy it too!