Canadian Fabricator Kyle Scaife Hand Built a 1967 Mustang on C5 Corvette Chassis

The Creator gifted some of us with matchless skills and it's on our hands to use it! Some use it in science, some use it in arts and some use it for cars!

The last is the one who excite us the most! With skills, hardworking, vision and quality materials combines, it's possible to make wonders in the automotive industry and these wonders are to amaze us! In today's video, we're checking out an awesome man, Kyle Scaife, who used his skills to hand build a truly impressive machine: a widebody 1967 Mustang on a C5 Corvette chassis. The project started when Kyle Scaife, a dedicated Canadian fabricator, decided to build his own vehicle after working on a Wider powered Plymouth Cuda in the shop. He then had only a 1967 Mustang body but not the other parts that make the car go. In time, he found the engine, transmission, frame, rear end and other things. The powertrain was of a 1999 C5 Chevy Corvette while the engine was a 5.7 liter LS1 V8. The car is sat on a custom tube frame designed by Scaife. Such a talented man he is! In the video, you can see and hear this brilliant guy, telling us about his perfect build.

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