Johnny Depp Pranks Amber Heard About Her Precious Custom 1968 Mustang! Her Reaction is Priceless!

As agreed by the ones who have seeing eyes, Amber Heard is one of the hottest and most attractive celebrities in Hollywood.

Made her debut in the industry back in 2004 and appeared in various works, including horror movies, thriller dramas and comedies, this pretty woman is also the ex-wife of the world's one of the most influential actors, Johnny Depp. Beyond her pretty face and enviable career, there lies a classic enthusiast. Amber Heard has a thing Mustangs and in today's video we're checking out her deep love for the most iconic vehicle of the American automotive industry. Heard loves Mustangs so much and that's why she bought one while she was rising to fame in Hollywood. The video we share you right here today is a part taken from a prank show, Overhaulin', on which her ex-husband Johnny Deep and the crew convinced her that her Mustang is confiscated by the authorities. But the things were really different. In the video, Amber Heard, "the Mark", finally check out her custom 1968 Mustang after the so- called confiscation and her reaction is worth to see. The '68 Mustang is so fabulous that it looks as beautiful as Amber Heard herself.

Check out this unique video to see how adorably she react to this prank!