US Design Meets Italian Power: Ford Mustang Coupe Muscle Car Powered with Twin Turbo Ferrari Engine

Restoration! Dou you know what that means? The Cambridge Dictionary says it is "the act or process of returning something into its earlier good condition or position.

" We think it's more than that! It's one of the most important ways of keeping the vehicles of past alive. It allows us, especially when done by professional hands, to enjoy the old vehicles built with the old technology and visually enriched with handmade parts, which are unimaginably advanced and dazzling. Today, we offer you a chance to discover YouTube's one of the most popular channels dedicated to stunning restorations of vehicles from all around the world. What you're going to see watching today's video is a Full Frame off Restorad Ford Mustang Coupe Muscle Car. It is powered by a gorgeous full customized twin turbo Ferrari engine. The video shows us the whole restoration, or rebuilding let's say, process step by step, meaning that you can see and enjoy every single detail.

Check it out to see how they combine US design with Italian power and leave your precious comment down below!