Uniquely Designed Trailer for Dodge Viper ACR is Gonna Make You Say WTF!

Having a bad day? Bored? We bet most of you just want to lean back, relax a bit and have some fun! Who doesn't want such things!

We all need fun and that's exactly why we deeply search the vast world of internet and find you the most enjoyable videos! In today's video, for example, you're going to be surprised and say WTF! Are you ready? If you're then check out this jaw-dropping video! Interesting enough to hit more than six million views on YouTube, this video demonstrates us something that looks like Russia's famous Matryoshka Dolls, a set of colored wooden dolls that are placed one inside other. This time, what is placed inside is a car! Watching today's video, you're going to see a custom built trailer designed specially for a Dodge Viper ACR. You may ask what is surprising here! Well, let u say! The trailer looks same as the car. At the first glance, you see a Dodge Viper ACR, but then you realize it's just a trailer. Then, the trailer is opened and you see the real Dodge Viper ACR. The trailer is well-detailed and features a breathtaking paintjob. It's an interesting way to spend money, right? What is the functionality of such designed trailer? We don't know!

Check out today's cool video and let us know what you think about this cool but weird trailer!