The World's Sickest 1970 Dodge Charger by Bruce Harvey and Pro Comb Customs

When you hear the name "Dodge Charger" most of you think of a legend that gained an iconic place in the American automotive industry.

First produced in 1964 and released to the market in 1966, this world- famous machine is still in production! It is possible find Dodge Chargers in various body types and colors, but in today's video we're checking out the world's sickest Dodge Charger. By "sick" we mean cool, you know! The world's sickest Charger is brilliantly built by the skillful hands of Bruce Harvey and the professional team of Pro Comp Customs in Glenshaw, PA. Loud and Low is the motto they find for this breathtaking build. It runs on a 730HP Dodge R-5 NASCAR motor. It features a radically chopped top and sectioned body straddling a full custom tube chassis. It was displayed at the 2018 Detroit Autorama and caught so much attention as expected.

Watch the video to see the sickest Dodge Charger on the planet and you'll enjoy it!