Richard "King" Perry's 1969 Camaro by West Coast Customs of California

We bet you all know Richard Lee Perry, the reigning king of stock car racing and a former NASCAR pilot that became a legend in the industry.

He won the NASCAR Championship for seven times and came in the first in more than 200 races held for Sprint Cup during his successful career. Perry, the America's greatest auto racer, is also the owner of many cool cars that enthusiasts can't even imagine, and the one you're going to see in today's video is one of them! Richard Perry combined his special garage with the West Coast Customs, an accomplished custom shop serves for all car customization needs with its team of professional technicians, fabricators, designers, painters, builders and so much more. And the result is the true perfection. When these two great names come together you know they're going to bring about with no shortage of style and functionality. Watching the video, you can see Richard "King" Perry's 1969 Camaro and listen to the builders who tell us about this badass machine.

Check it out and you'll like it!