The Hottest Dodge Charger "Sliced" - 1300hp Twin Turbo Custom 68 Charger!

This Dodge Charger is not your typical resto-rod. It's a contemporary and extensive re-design of the classic Coke bottle Charger.

It was build by Roadster Shop and was first presented at the SEMA show 2014.

Jeremy Berger, co-owner of The Roadster Shop "That's to say, The crew at Roaster Shop began the build with a custom-made full tube chassis. Then added a suspension based off Dodge Viper spindles in the front and a Viper IRS and center section in the rear. The front bumper and valance were hand-formed aluminum sheet metal, as was the hood. The grille is also aluminum, but CNC-cut. The front fenders were widened, and the wheel wells moved forward four inches to minimize the long overhang of the stock car and reshaped to fit larger wheels and rubber. In addition, the fenders and quarter panels have been slightly bulged, and the roof chopped the top about ¾ of an inch. Under the hood is a twin-turbo V-10 built by Nelson Racing Engines that pumps out an astounding 1,300 horses. "This car might look like a high-style show car, but it's built to do work," says Jeremy. "You can pound on it, race it, whatever all day long."

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