Wrecked And Rusted JUNKYARD Motorcycle Sitting 60 Years!

Transformation and modification project of Junkyard motorcycle stayed nearly 60 years unworkable, broken, oxidized. Great work to make this motorcycle run again with huge labour and details, parts changing and in result the bike get run with gorgeous sound.

Typically "junkyard motorcycle" refers to a motorcycle that has been salvaged or assembled using parts sourced from various sources, including scrapyards, salvage yards, or aftermarket suppliers. Adding to salvaged parts, owners of junkyard motorcycles may also fabricate custom components to fit their specific design features. And this custom bike is really exclusive, has its special custom frame, exhaust system, bodywork. All of this make the bike as a unique creation.
Building a junkyard motorcycle is often a DIY (do-it-yourself) endeavor, attracting hobbyists who enjoy working on their bikes.

A junkyard motorcycle represents a creative and resourceful approach to motorcycle building, where salvaged parts, custom fabrication, and DIY ingenuity combination using to create unique own bike. If you are interested in custom motorcycle, it transformation, make it running this video can be joyful for you. Watch, take a lot of pleasant moments and share with your friends!