Boss Hoss Corvette Motorcycle

Founded in 1990 when Monte Warne, a distinguished man with crystal clear vision and brilliant ideas, created his very first Chevrolet V-8 powered motorcycle in his 5000 square feet workshop in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Boss Hoss Cycles is widely renowned company that brings fresh blood to the industry. As a commercial aircraft pilot and also a power plant technician, Monte was the first who designed and built a V-8 powered motorcycle that has a traditional motorcycle style. His matchless approach to motorcycles, innovative ideas, dedication and successful fellows opened the way to establish this amazing company and they now create the country's one of the coolest and most unique motorcycles! Over the past 30 years, Boss Hoss Cycles leapt forward and became a synonym of uniqueness. In today's video, we're checking out of the best creations of Boss Hoss Cycles and we're sure that you all gonna love it! Even though a bit distorted, the video demonstrates us an exquisite Corvette motorcycle with a mind-blowing design. This motorcycle looks so differently that let alone the same, one cannot find alike! It is a complete success to design and make such a beautiful motorcycle. It is hard to imagine how fantastic would it be to ride it even for a couple minutes.

Check out today's excellent video to see this magnificent piece of machine, take a close look at it and enjoy!