Cool Lady Rides Her Monster V8 Chopper Trike Like a Pro!

Here's a little question for you! If you were asked to choose between a badass motorcycle and a gorgeous trike which one would you choose? Is your answer already given or do you need to think a bit to answer this question?

We bet the answer would be "motorcycle" for most of you. For those who choose motorcycle, we have something to say: don't be that sure and think twice. Sometimes, some very rare times, trikes can be as cool as motorcycles and today's video is a strong proof for that! In this video, which is enjoyable enough to make your day better, you're going to see a cool lady named Susan trying her spectacular V8 powered Chopper trike in DeLeon Springs, Florida. The trike is so tremendous that it gives you a chill. All the details on it show of themselves and look absolutely beautiful. It's a magnificent custom work that needs to be appreciated. We wonder how skillful the hands that build this great machine are!

Check out how she drives her fantastic machine like a professional, appreciate her riding skills and enjoy! You'll like it for sure!