Old Boy with an Old Harley Bike Feels the Spirit of Being a Real Biker!

Have you ever wondered why they always say "old is gold"? Are old things are always preferable? Are they better or of a higher quality?

Do you often opt for the older one when you need to make a choice between something and something? The answer of these questions vary according to what you're talking about, but for vehicles, whether they're cars, trucks, aircrafts, bikes or vessels, old ones are usually good ones. This is the exact case especially for classics. In today's video, which is attractive enough to hit more than one million views, we're checking out two old things. One is an old boy and the other is an old bike. It's a Flathead Shovelhead Magneto 4 Cam Custom. It's built from a UL flathead bottom end and from a Shovel top end. Nicknamed as Show-UL, this gorgeous bike runs on an engine built three decades ago and it still runs perfectly. The oldy boy is a true biker for sure, he knows the spirit and he apparently feels it. He looks like he's riding all the way to Hogwarts.Check out the video till the very last seconds, see this old boy rocking the bike like a boss.

Hear the sweet sound of kickstart and let yourself to the pleasure.