Boss Hoss Cycles' 383ci 430hp Stroker Engine Powered Bike Sounds Wonderful!

Have you ever wondered how big companies with net worth of billions of dollars are established?

Have you ever read the inspiring stories behind them? Or, have you ever imagined establishing your own company? Whether you say "yes, I have" or not, "I have not" to these questions, today's video will give you some real fun! Let's start with a little bit background, the Boss Hoss Cycles, as a world widely renowned manufacturing company, was established back in 1990 when Monte Warne, the founder and also a commercial aircraft pilot and degreed Aviation Airframe and Power plant technician, built his very first Chevrolet V8 Powered motorcycle in his 5000 sq ft shop in Dyersburg, TN. This brilliant man was the first to design a V-8 powered motorcycle that has a traditional cruiser motorcycle style. This revolutional build has opened the path for a great development of Boss Hoss Cycles. Over the past decades, the Boss Hoss Cycles has grown from its humble workshop into a 22,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Today's video demonstrates us one of the coolest products ever came out of this wonder-making facility. This is the Boss Hoss 502 motorcycle powered by 383ci 430hp Stroker engine. The engine is so powerful that it sounds like a lion roaring!

Check out the video, which lasts for one minute only, hear that sweet sound and please your ears!