When Bikes Are Not Enough BMW Trike is Just For You!

Cars are cool, that's for sure, but can they provide practicality as much as a bike can? Probably, they cannot! Bikes are smaller so it's easier to find a suitable parking spot.

You can avoid the annoying traffic jam, riding them. They're affordable so you don't have to save money for years to buy one. They are budget-friendly; motorcycles consume less gas than most cars. They also cost less for maintenance and service. It's hard to believe, but they are also healthy, making you burn more calories during the day. Benefits of bikes are too numerous to be counted. If bikes are so cool and practical then what about trikes? The answer is short and clear! They're even cooler! Here we have a video to prove you the accuracy of this statement! Watching it, you're going to see a very special machine that will blow your mind with a matchless charisma and advanced functionality. This is a BMW trike that looks like a red dragon! It runs on a badass V8 engine and sounds terrific! We would give a right arm to have a ride on this magnificent trike! Even seeing it from a far must be a blessing!

Check out today's impressive video to take a close look at this dreamy machine and enjoy!