Lazareth LM 847, Unique Quadbike with 470HP Maserati V8 Engine

Every day, the continuously improving technology brings something new to our lives. When it comes to automotive industry, technology makes wonders and opens the path for innovations.

Today, we're checking out one of these innovations, maybe the coolest one! Meet the Lazareth LM 847, an awesome four wheel motorcycle! This is, of course, not ordinary bike we're all used to see riding down streets! What makes it special is the engine that gives power to it! It is a Maserati 4.7L 32 Valve V8 engine capable of producing 470 horsepower with 457 lb-ft of torque. It simply means that this is an excessively powerful quadbike. Power is not the thing that makes this cool bike special. There are some other things, too! Along with its rearing car engine, the bike also looks exquisite with its every single detail. The cylinder heads, mirrors, brakes, tires and headlights are all hand-crafted. Such quality requires so much money, as expected. Riding the Lazareth LM 847 costs $215,000. Crazy money for a bike, right? But, who can say it's not worth it!

Check out today's video to take a close look at this insanely cool quadbike with a beast- like Maserati engine and enjoy!