Yamaha MOTOROiD: New Generation Motorcycle that Interacts with the Rider

Joy, beauty, confidence, discovery, excellence, authenticity and innovation! These are what Yamaha, the world's one of the most prominent manufacturing companies, offers to its lucky customers.

Founded on July 1, 1955, Yamaha Motor Foundation provides its customers full satisfaction through its highest quality products. Being the fruits of intense creativity, high technology, advanced craftsmanship, improved innovation, outstanding design, decades of experience, a professional team, passion and a deep philosophy, Yamaha products are marketed all around the world. In today's video that we proudly share on this very page today, you're going to see one of the coolest products of Yamaha Motor Foundation, a company that goes beyond limits with unique expertise. What is filmed in this video is the MOTOROiD, a mind-blowing motorcycle capable of recognizing its owner and interacting like a living creature. It's a brand new level in artificial intelligence and it offers countless exceptional specifications to lucky owners. Designed and developed by Yamaha's brilliant designers and engineers who worked collaboratively in the same studio to bring this new generation motorcycle into reality, the MOTOROiD has no match in the market. As an autonomous motorcycle that employs artificial intelligence it provides an exciting riding experience, interacting with its owner. In the video, you're going to see the demonstration run of this high- tech motorcycle.

Check it out with maximum attention so that you don't miss any of the details!