Michal Kollbek's Heart-Stopping Mountain Biking Performance!

Extreme sports are defined as activities that are simply dangerous, generally associated with risky characteristics such as terrifying heights, high speed and an increased chance of death or permanent disabilities.

Have you ever wondered why extreme sports are that popular all around the world? Why millions of people risk their lives doing them? Why they organize special events and gatherings to try these dangerous activities that bear death risk? The newspapers and online news portals are all full of tragic accidents done while doing such sports, but why people keep doing them? There must be a reason and this reason is the adrenaline. This hormone is the reason why people dice with death. In today's video, we're checking out an insanely cool guy doing an extra-extreme sport: mountain biking. Michal Kollbek, the insanely cool guy here, hits the road to While Line in Sedona, Arizona and makes the world's most dangerous mountain biking performance. Some may say it's nothing but stupidity while others may say it's an amazing experience that all of us should try some day.

Watch this spectacular video with more than three million YouTube views and enjoy the courage of this legendary guy!