Bad Guy Themed Chopper: Custom Bike Shop Orange County Choppers Performs Miracles with Metal

United States of America is not only the country of freedom. It's not only the country of opportunities, but it's also the country of the customization industry.

You can find countless custom shops varying in size and service quality in almost every city or town of this great country. The number of custom shops is great, but not all of them are successful enough to be known globally. Orange County Choppers, however, is a world-famous custom bike shop, which also provides fabrication, design and engineering services for customers from all around the world. It's a one-stop shop for all motorcycle needs. It offers various services, including tire installations, engine rebuilds and repairs, winterizing, architectural signage, custom painting, clear coating, airbrush art work, powder coating, waterjet cutting and chroming. In today's extremely cool video, we're checking the professional team of Orange County Choppers working on a breathtaking project: a "Bad Guy" themed Chopper bike. They filmed the making of the project in time lapse, meaning that you can see the whole process in one single video.

Check it out, see how they perform miracles with metal and leave your comment below!