1946 V8 Ford Flathead Powered Trike is the Best of the Best!

Now, lean back for a while. Relax. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect trike for you! How would it be? Which color would it be? How would it sound?

What would be the engine that powers it? Today's video offers us an answer for all of these questions and shows us the "perfect trike" that enthusiasts would die and kill to have one. This is an ingeniously engineered custom built truck equipped with a 1946 Ford Flathead V8 engine. We're not so sure about the exact power this engine makes, but it must be around 65- 85hp. Reportedly, it was built in 2006, visually and technically enriched with lots of custom touches including handlebars with integrated throttle cables, and a gorgeous gas tank. Did you notice the chrome grill in the center of the tank? It's a cover for the engine's intake. Brilliant, isn't it? It was for sale on eBay then it's sold to a new lucky owner, meaning that it has a new home and a caring owner now.

Check out the video showing us this magnificent 1946 V8 Ford Flathead powered trike and enjoy its splendid details!