Custom Built Motorcycle Powered by a V12 Lamborghini Engine Caught on Camera at Caffeine and Octane

Have you ever heard of something about "Caffeine and Octane"? What do you think when you read these names together? Caffeine and octane?

It is North America's largest monthly car show. It's an all makes, all models car event that attracts more than 2000 vehicles and 15,000 fans from all around the country, gathering them together in Host City, Dunwoody, Georgia. This enjoyable event takes place on the first Sunday of each month at Perimeter Mall, Georgia. Attending this attractive event, you can see countless vehicles of all sizes and brands. If it has wheels, you'll find it at Caffeine and Octane. In today's video, which hit more than one million YouTube views, we're checking out a custom built motorcycle powered by a badass V12 Lamborghini engine. It looks beautiful, but is there any reason to power a motorcycle with such a big and strong engine? Guess not!

Watch this video to see badass but pointless motorcycle and let us know what you think about that!