Sam Turner's Masterpiece is the First Hydrostatic Twin-Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle in the World!

Here on this website, we've seen hundreds or maybe thousands of motorcycles.

These were some badass motorcycles that can make someone with their killer charisma and jaw-dropping power. But the one you're going to see in today's video is something different. This is the first Hydrostatic Twin-Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle in the world. This fantastic motorcycle is the masterpiece of Sam Turner who is a dedicated lover of these machines since his childhood years. Sam's brilliant mind and years that gave experience allowed him to combine his deep knowledge as a Diesel technician together with his creative skills and his commitment for motorcycle into one single build. Sam's motorcycle, which is a true revolution in the industry, runs on a
840cc air cooled V-twin diesel engine, it's all-wheel-drive, custom air ride suspension,
an inverted handlebar system and it's 11ft 3in long and 32in tall. It's a legend in brief!

Check out the video to have some fun and don't forget to leave your comment!