106 Years Old Kerosene Blackstone Oil Engine Start-Up

Every passing day, inventors, scientists and researches bring something new into being!

Every hour and every minute, technology goes one step further and with this exact progress, we humans make impossible possible. It is easy to see this progress clearly through the development of automotive industry. Look at old engine and then to new ones! You will see a great difference between the new and the old, but this doesn't mean that old vehicles are bad. It is actually the contrary! Old is always the gold and the video we present you today is a strong proof for that! In this video, you're going to see an ancient engine which is almost 110 years old. It is true that new vehicle are all equipped with the latest fruits of technology, including electronic systems, computerized controllers and ultra-comfortable parts, but old vehicle have the power! This Blackstone oil engine in the video is manufactured in 1909 and still works as effectively as the first day.

Check out the video to see some amazing close-ups, details and eargasmic sounds. Fun is guaranteed!