Enterprise DSG Diesel Engine Starts Perfectly After 3 Decades

If you've ever had an old car sitting in a garage or in a bran for a very long time then you can know how hard is to start its engine after all those years.

There are some cars that sit for half a century and even for a hundred years. Making the car turn back to its running condition is not always an easy- peasy lemon squeezy job to do. When you get the right techniques, however, it becomes easier than ever! In today's video, we're checking out an awesome example for that. First of all, let's agree that Diesel engines have a tough reputation in the industry. It is apparent that they are not good in looking, but they prove impressive in functionality. The ancient Enterprise DSG Diesel engine in the video shows us how powerful and efficient a Diesel engine can really even after sitting for 30 years. The engine has a 12-inch bore and a 15-inch stroke and it simply means that the cylinder is exactly a foot wide. That is approximately 270 liters per cylinder. In the aspirated form, the engine produces up to 600 horsepower while in the turbocharged form the horsepower is closer to a thousand.

Check out the video to see how this not only ancient but also tremendous Enterprise DSG Diesel engine works after 3 decades and enjoy!